My first Light Painting post

I have already heard a lot about Light Painting and seen some awesome photos when i decided for the first time that i should give it a go.

I went out with my head torch and a friend and we took a LOT of photos! And yes, we did passe a couple of hours writing our names and drawing little “stick men” in front of the camera!

Even though we didn’t get any decent photos that night, i got completely hooked. Since then i went out many times, some alone and some with friends, and i have collected and built many “custom” Light Tools, and even got a couple of photos that i actually like.  =)

== == == == == == ==

This is my first Ball of Light, and one of the first Light Paintings that i can actually show people.

Sphere of Light, by Luis Pato


  • Camera: 60D
  • Lens: Tamron 28-74mm f2.8
  • Place: Augsburg, Germany

And so this blog starts…


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