Three trees

I don’t feel like Light Painting is all about getting pretty photos.

Don’t get me wrong, i love it when i come home with a nice photo on my memory card, but i think that what i really enjoy is the creative process as a whole. I enjoy going out and looking for a new place, thinking about new technics and materials that i can use, looking for a composition that pleases me and imagining how the final image will turn out.

I also quite enjoy that moment when i am getting ready to go out and take a photo that i have been planning. Getting the gear ready, packing, trying not to forget anything, and feeling that tingling of excitement that drives us no matter how cold or dark it might be.

Then of course there is the pleasure of taking the photo itself. i am always amazed when i look and the back of my camera and see the invisible things that i just captured with a nice long exposure. It’s almost like magic. Capturing things which our eyes can’t see is almost like capturing time itself!

Light Painting photo showing three trees and a ball of light

Three Trees, by Luis Pato

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago after a trip to the forest with my friend Thomas. I actually tried this same photo that day, but because i had forgotten some gear at home (ooops!) i couldn’t get what i was looking for. So i went back a couple of days later and got this image of a Ball of light just passing by!

Let’s now hope for nice weather to go out again and take some more photos!   =)


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