Post-a-Photo: Ken Lee

This is the first of a new category of posts called Post-a-Photo. In the Post-a-Photo we will give here a place for people who want to show one (or several) of their photos and tell the story behind it.

We are very happy to start it off with the great photographer Ken Lee.

“This is a 50-minute exposure in total, showing the movement of the stars, a heavenly nocturnal show, at Trona Pinnacles in the Mojave Desert in California. The otherworldly landscape consists of hundreds of pinnacles reaching as high as 140 feet (43 meters). They were formed tens of thousands of years ago when these unusual shapes formed while they were underwater. Many science fiction movies are filmed there, including “Star Trek” and “Planet of the Apes”, as well as many other movies and TV shows. This part of the Mojave Desert is also largely away from light pollution, so it is possible to see the Milky Way and other stars vividly. There is the glow of the little town of Trona in the distant horizon, warming the landscape.
I drove out to Trona Pinnacles, a four-hour drive, in July 2013 on a warm evening. I had the whole area of Trona Pinnacles to myself for the entire night, the desert air silent except for the occasional train rumbling past, a very peaceful evening. Occasionally, I broke the silence with some music. I laid on the hood of my car while listening to Bob Marley or Brian Eno with Cluster while the camera captured long exposure star trails. Altogether a magical evening. After photographing the Trona Pinnacles, I drove to the “Kill Bill” Church to photograph it, getting there just before sunrise.

Trona Pinnacles, by Ken Lee

Trona Pinnacles, by Ken Lee

A bit later, this photo, entitled “Trona Glow Star Trails”, won first place in LA Times Travel section for Best Summer Photo. I had been reading the LA Times Travel Section since I had been a kid, marveling at fantastic photos of distant lands, wishing I could experience these exotic places and be able to photograph them as magnificently as the photos I saw there. So although perhaps not as prestigious as winning accolades or contests with National Geographic, Smithsonian, Lonely Planet or others, I was especially moved by this award.”

– Ken Lee –

If you liked this post, stay tunned. There is more of Ken Lee coming soon!   ;)


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