So, we are back with another Post-a-Photo. This time, as promised, you show you another photo from photographer Ken Lee, and the interesting story behind it.


“In March of 2013, my girlfriend and I took a road trip to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada and Zion National Park in Utah. I took night sky photos of Valley of Fire one evening, scratching myself pretty good when my hands were raked by branches of a very thorny bush, while I was running around light painting some of the rocks. And on another evening, I took night sky photos of Zion National Park.  I took various photos of Big Bend and other dramatic, spectacular features.

But at one of the locations, I could not shoot what I wanted because the moon was absurdly bright and constantly in frame, wreaking havoc on the photo. I decided to scout other locations. I turned around, and saw this tree, illuminated by the moon. I gasped at its beauty, and immediately turned the camera around to photograph it.  Although the tree looked perfectly gorgeous the way the moonlight picked up the texture of the bark, compositionally, I noticed that it would benefit from a bit of separation from the background. I added just a hint of light from the headlights of my car in the distance, which creates the back glow on the tree, also warming the photo a bit and adding a magical feel. The long exposure, a total of fifty minutes overall, captures the heavenly movements of the stars, a beautiful reminder of how we are constantly in a state of movement even though we are often oblivious to it.

Temple Tree Zion, by Ken Lee

Temple Tree Zion, by Ken Lee

A bit later, the editors at National Geographic featured this photo as one of the Daily Dozen of the day, putting it on the front of their website, a very flattering honor. It has also won numerous other accolades, such as the Photo of the Day on Photoburst and other sites.”

– Ken Lee –


We hope you enjoyed it. And, if you did, please keep an eye open, there is also an interview with Ken Lee coming up very soon!


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