Post-a-Photo: Robert Wiggers

And (maybe) for our last post of the year, we have another interesting Post-a-Photo, this time with photographer Robert Wiggers.

“I like photography for some years now. I always shot with a point-and-shoot or with my phone but never realy had the chance to take on bigger things and try stuff out. But almost a year ago I had the chance to get a Canon 6D. Fast foward a year: Im hooked. Hooked on photography in general, finding new subjects, getting that impossible shot, trying new stuff and since lately: Light Painting. I just love it!
It started simple and easy with just a few little torches. But having xmas around the corner, I bought myself several different led sets and tried some stuff. It started with putting my daughter on a Merry-go-round (shooting her with a Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass) and trying to swing led’s above a Lensbaby Fisheye.

Light Painting by Robbert Wiggers

Merry-go-round, by Robert Wiggers

After that I invited some friends and finally had the oportunity to try some stuff with steel wool. And now Im completely hooked. I just love the fact I can create a shower of fire in front of my lens.

Light Painting, by Robert Wiggers

Shower of Fire, by Robert Wiggers

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