Post-a-Photo: Robert Wiggers

And (maybe) for our last post of the year, we have another interesting Post-a-Photo, this time with photographer Robert Wiggers.

“I like photography for some years now. I always shot with a point-and-shoot or with my phone but never realy had the chance to take on bigger things and try stuff out. But almost a year ago I had the chance to get a Canon 6D. Fast foward a year: Im hooked. Hooked on photography in general, finding new subjects, getting that impossible shot, trying new stuff and since lately: Light Painting. I just love it!
It started simple and easy with just a few little torches. But having xmas around the corner, I bought myself several different led sets and tried some stuff. It started with putting my daughter on a Merry-go-round (shooting her with a Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass) and trying to swing led’s above a Lensbaby Fisheye.

Light Painting by Robbert Wiggers

Merry-go-round, by Robert Wiggers

After that I invited some friends and finally had the oportunity to try some stuff with steel wool. And now Im completely hooked. I just love the fact I can create a shower of fire in front of my lens.

Light Painting, by Robert Wiggers

Shower of Fire, by Robert Wiggers

Tonight, I tried to figure out if it would be possible to create a umbrella of fire, using a Lensbaby Composer Pro with a Fisheye optic in it. I think I succeeded. I have to be honest, I was scared. This was the first time I was out alone, with an expensive setup, in a recreation area in the midst of the night. I heard dogs running around, sniffing my tripod, seeing them pee against it and walk away like nothing was wrong. But still, they scared the crap out of me. For some reason, none of the dog owners approached me :-) Every minute I was scared the cops would show up to tell me I had to leave the recreation area. But nothing happend. And finally I relaxed and had a great hour. The most difficult part was to get stuff in focus. After trying for about half an hour, I finally had it sharp enough. That half an hour also gave me the chance to figure out the ideal ammount of steel wool to use. And also to figure out how to operate the camera and light the steel wool at the same time. And its still hard to do! Especially if you have your tripod on the edge of the sand/water line and no waterproof shoes at the start of the winter.

Light Painting, by Robert Wiggers

Umbrella of Fire, by Robert Wiggers

Xmas is just a few weeks away. Its getting darker and darker outside, and all I can see are chances to try stuff out. Im going to try to find more spots to try some Light Painting with my Lensbaby gear. I think I can get even more creative shots out of them. How about a Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Double Glass obtic, with creative discs? I think it would make an awesome combo!

Light Painting, by Robert Wiggers

Light Painting-5212, by Robert Wiggers

Have a great day and keep smiling!”

– Robert Wiggers –

Robert has some other very nice and creative photos, which you can see on his Website or Flickr account.


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