Post-a-Photo: SIMON LOPEZ

To start 2014 we have a Post-a-Photo from Simón López, a spanish night photographer with a highly creative style. It seems to me that his photos come directly from a world of fantasy, with amazing places and inhabitants, but check it out yourself…


“Lately during the night there are very strange things happening in the old Inferniño tunnels.
We went into the tunnels because it was raining a lot and we couldn’t do anything outside.
We didn’t plan this photo. When we got into the tunnel i started thinking about it and had in my head a small idea of what i would like to do.
We took a test shot to try out the X21 lamp as a train light and it worked out great. So,  instead of taking several shots like usual, we just kept this first one.

light painting by Simón López

Take your last train, Baby – Simón López

Here are some of the settings and and gear used to take this photos:
Apperture: F/4
Shutter Speed: 1219s
ISO: 200
Focal Lenght: 11mm
Temperature: 4170K
Gear: Led Lenser X21 for the Train Light; Led Lenser P7 for the main lighting and shadow; Led Lenser V25 for the red light and a Hot Minimaglite to illuminate the victim.”

– Simón López –

You can find more of Simón’s work at his Facebook page or Flickr account.