I am today very happy to tell you, that we have for you an interview with a really super Light Painter: Janne Parviainen. Janne has a very unique style. His photos tell whole stories full of mystery and can take you to some dream world very far way.
Janne Parviainen Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about you?
I am Janne Parviainen, from Helsinki Finland. I have graduated from an art school in 2003 and been doing art full time ever since. Now I teach art and photography in various schools in the Helsinki region couple of times a week and otherwise work on my own projects. I do paintings in which I paint on old windows using mixed media that involves oil color, metal leaves and graffiti permanent markers. Most of my nights I spend on my favorite work, doing light paintings.

Light Painting by Janne Parviainen

Days of our Lives“, by Janne Parviainen

2. It seems that we all take a different path into finding our passion for photography?
My father was a very active photographer when I was a kid so photography has always been very familiar to me. I started taking photos myself in the age of ten when I got my fathers old camera to share with my two brothers. I remember making some light painting photos with my older brother when I was twelve but I really got hooked into the art from years later. I found light painting again around six years ago when I had forgotten the long exposure on from my Ixus 40 while walking home at night. The street lights had drawn wonderful light trails into the photo I had accidentally taken and I got really excited about them and started immediately testing otherways to experiment with light and long exposure photography. After that I have totally fallen in love with the light painting medium.

3. What gear do you use?

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This week i was lucky enough to get to interview one of my favorite Light Painters: Hannu Huhtamo. Hannu is a highly creative Light Painter with a very unique and interesting style. Over the years he has developed a whole set of skills that allow him to produce some very atmospherical and meaningful images.

Banner for the Interview with Hannu Hahtamo

1. Can you tell us a little bit about you?
I’m an Helsinki based photographer and musician.

2. How did you get started with Photography, especially Light Painting Photography?
Actually it all started from long exposure experiments. My good friend Janne Parviainen, who is also a maniac Light Painter, showed me some of his Light Drawings and I was immediately blown away about the whole concept. It was something more than photography, the use of Light as a pencil gave me so much ideas that I had to buy my first DSLR right away. Although Janne did his first light paintings with a small compact camera and you wouldn’t believe how awesome things he could draw in 15 seconds.

Light Painting by Hannu Huhtamo

True you, by Hannu Huhtamo

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Here at the Lights from Dreams blog we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite night photographers: Dan Barr.
On top of having some really great looking photos, Dan Barr has also some very interesting ideas about Night Photography, talks about his gear and creative process, and gives some very useful tips for people who are trying to develop their photographic skills.
1. Can you tell us a little bit about you?
Sure, I am a self taught photographer based out of San Diego California. I am married and expecting my first child in January. My number one hobby is spending time outdoors and I take almost every free opportunity to go hiking, backpacking or camping. I grew up in Wyoming and have lived in a bunch of different places, including North Dakota, New Mexico and New York either for work or to pursue an education. I have a bachelors degree in Anthropology/Biology from the University of New Mexico and a PhD in cell biology from SUNY Stony Brook. Although my professional background is as a research scientist in cell biology I am no longer working in this field.

Photo of star trails by Dan Barr

Guardian of the Patriarch, by Dan Barr

2. How did you get started into photography, especially into Night Photography?
Early on photography never held much interest for me. I had several film cameras over the years but I was never much of a photographer. I’d take photos and would end up with these rolls of exposed film that I was usually too lazy to get developed. I still have some undeveloped rolls in a box somewhere.
Everything changed with the advent of digital cameras. I bought my first point and shoot digital camera in 2005 while I was living in New York state and working on my graduate degree. I bought the camera mostly to document my life in New York and to take with me on hiking trips in the catskills and walks on long island beaches. I soon discovered that I really enjoyed the process of making a photograph and I began to see photography as something more than just taking pictures, but something that required forethought and composition. I took the camera along on a weeklong camping trip to Maine and that did it for me, I was hooked.
I didn’t get involved in night photography until 2008, after I had relocated to California. I loved the open spaces of the desert and began spending all of my free time hiking and camping. I rekindled a lost love of star gazing, a hobby I was never really able to enjoy on the east coast due to what seemed like perpetual clouds and excessive light pollution. Around this time I also bought my first DSLR, a canon 40D and a tripod. From here it was a natural progression for me to point the camera skyward. I was absolutely blown away by what the camera could capture at night. Making images of wilderness landscapes at night soon became and absolute obsession for me.

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